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LESSON 1 : Hello, how are you?

LESSON 2 : What’s your name?

LESSON 3: Where are you from?

LESSON 4: When’s your birthday?

LESSON 5: What kind of food do you like?

LESSON 6: What color do you like?

LESSON 7: Where are you going?

LESSON 8: What do you want to be in the future?

LESSON 9: How’s the weather?

LESSON 10: Have a nice day.

LESSON 11: Thank you for coming.

LESSON 12: What’s the date today?

LESSON 13: What time is it now?

LESSON 14: What color is it?

LESSON 15: What number is it?

LESSON 16: I know.

LESSON 17: Here it is.

LESSON 18: I’m sorry I’m late.

LESSON 19: How are you doing?

LESSON 20: Hi! How are you?

LESSON 21: I’m glad to meet you.

LESSON 22: Shall we go together?

LESSON 23: Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

LESSON 24: My hobby is reading books.
Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

LESSON 25: I also like animals very much.

LESSON 26: My dream is to become…